Our Service

Our Service

We offer the full spectrum of services to help our clients get to know how to start designing their residential or commercial spaces. Our interior designers are involved in every step so we can ensure the best results are delivered. Every projects starts with a well-planned design progress, detail budgeting, well-monitored construction before it delivers to our clients.
Interior Design Consultancy

Every project starts with planning. We provide specialist interior design consultation services from project conceptual to execution by our designers.
Project Cost Budgeting

Know your budgeting and we provide a total project cost budgeting to make sure everything is fit and under your budget.
Design and Build

We provide design and build services for new build, refurbishment, and fit-out work for residential and commercial projects.
Project Management

We monitor the design project with handle and care, we ensure your project experience is a stress-free experience
Carpentry Work

We have our own professional carpentry team to make sure quality workmanship is delivered.
Maintenance and Cleaning

We provide cleaning service before handover the project to you. We offer warranty and maintenance to your projects
Design Progress
Consultation and Understanding

We will contact you and understanding your needs and requirements.
Site Measurement and Visit

We will schedule a site visit to your site, measurement and photo, base status analysis and records.
Floor Planing and Discussion

We will generate with the first draft floor planning and cost estimation for overall project.  Discuss in detail with client to meet requirements.
3D Development

After confirmation on the layout planning, we will develop the 3D interior and rendering
Technical & Detail Drawing

Develop the construction technical and carpentry detail drawing for construction
Drawing Confirmation

Confirm all technical and detail drawing confirm material and colour. Finalize budgetary statement.
Construction Progress
Site Protection

We will do site protection to protect the floors and railing to avoid scratches during the construction.
Wet Work & Wiring Work

All the demolition and wet work will began first. Nest, wiring work will wired to designed place.
Plaster ceiling & Painting Work

Plaster ceiling will be up and apply base cost and paints coat to the wall and ceiling.
Carpentry Work

After the wall and ceiling is done, final site measurement for carpentry to ensure the joinery work is able to produce
Final Touch Up and Cleaning

Final touch up and inspection. Conduct general cleaning / post cleaning before handover.

Confirm acceptance of completed construction and project hand over.